Activities for everyone
In Telendos, you can simply do nothing. You can just relax and enjoy an environment of tranquility and well-being.
The magic of sea
You can enjoy every aspect of the sea. Crystal blue waters all around the island. There are 3 organized beaches, with umbrellas and sun beds, but there are also beaches without umbrellas, where you can enjoy the breeze and the shadow of the trees.
Rock Climbing
In Telendos there are a lot of climbing crags. The best place to get information about the climbing is in the printed version of the Kalymnos Climbing Guidebook or on the website You can also organize to go climbing with guides.
Scuba Diving
Kalymnos Island is famous for the sponge diving and thereby for its long tradition in diving. There are diving schools where-upon request-you can attend classes or dive to get to know the Greek underwater life.
Discover the hidden beauties
Tiny Island to walk? Easy island for walking? Think again. Telendos is a demanding walking destination with interesting hiking trails. The path to Agios Konstantinos , the path to the top, the path around Telendos or the path to Kapsalo, are some of the trails that you can follow . It is very important to have proper shoes, long pants
and a hat. Always tell someone where you are going, have your mobile phone with you and remember that different paths are walked different times. The path to Agios Konstantinos is best to start at around 2 pm, while the path around Telendos very early in the morning! The entire island of Telendos has joined the European network "NATURA 2000" and it is designated as an Important Bird Area in Greece as the northern part of the island is uninhabited, it is an ideal refuge for rare species of seabirds, like the gull species “aigaioglaros”, to be able to nest undisturbed. Moreover, the only settlement on the island, which today numbers around 30 residents, is designated as traditional.
Through centuries
Telendos is possibly the ancient "Keleris." The history of Telendos is intertwined with that of Kalymnos. Telendos over the ancient sunken city has plenty of culture scattered everywhere. Telendos was built during the late Hellenistic period, was expanded during the Roman period and reached its peak during the early
Christian era. The basilica of St. Basil stands out. The castle of St. Constantine and the Early Christian Necropolis are sites open to visitors.
Telendos Cathedral is The Church of Zoodochos Pigi. The services are according to the Greek Orthodox Christian Tradition. However there are other monasteries scattered throughout Telendos. The church of St. Constantine, the church of St George, St Charalambos and Virgin Mary in the cemetery of the island.
The major festivals held in Telendos are: St. Constantine on May 21, St. Panteleimon on 26 July and the Assumption of Virgin Mary on August 15. Also May Day and St. John the Klidonas on 22nd June are celebrated. On 22nd of June people light bonfires, jump over them and into the sea.
For more information . . .
You can find and do other activities in Kalymnos and Telendos, like horseback riding, sailing or yoga. Just ask us or for something intriguing to do on your holidays !
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